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Challenge is still conducting Impact Africa missions in a similar form to that seen on these web pages.
These pages are quite old. We are intending to replace them soon.
In the meantime, please contact Challenge Literature Fellowship Australia for up to date information.
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Mission Trip 2010

About the Impact Africa Project

Carl and Carolyn Carmody

When Are We Going?

Approximate departure Date is 2nd July 2010
Approximate return Date is 21st July 2010

Who is Leading the Team?

John Palandri, Carl & Carolyn Carmody and Graeme Jacques from Challenge

The Project

  1. Ministry into black townships and squatter camps.
  2. Ministry into Prisons.
  3. Newspaper distribution into Johannesburg central, hospitals and squatter camps.
  4. Children’s Ministry.
  5. Christian Leaders Institute.
  6. John Palandri
  7. Ministry into hospitals
  8. Dayspring Mission School.
  9. Baby House
  10. Gospel Outreach Centre in central Johannesburg
  11. Preaching at various churches


  1. To see each team member grow in their relationship with Jesus.
  2. To see each team member stretched in areas of faith and giftedness.
  3. To provide a cross cultural learning experience in mission.
  4. to see each member become more passionate about outreach.
  5. To encourage local pastors and leaders in South Africa.

South Africa

Graeme Jacques
SOUTH AFRICA is a land that is not too dissimilar to our own here in Western Australia. It is a land of diverse cultures where eleven different languages are spoken, thus the reason for it being called the Rainbow Nation. Surprisingly South Africa has a population of almost 46 million people, 75% of this population is made up of black cultures such as Xhosa, Zulu amongst others. Large groups of South Africans are of mixed race as well as many of Asian descent. White people constitute approximately 15% of the population.

South Africa occupies the southern extremity of the African plateau and covers 1.25 million sq kms. The country divides into three main zones: the interior African Plateau extending northwards to form part of the semi-arid Kalahari Basin, the rugged semi-circular Great Escarpment bordering the plateau and rising north-eastwards to form the Drakensberg Range, and the peripheral coastal plains forming narrow, fertile lowland, strips in the west, south and east. The main river, the Orange, crosses west to east. The Orange Free State is the most densely populated of the four provinces.

There are a variety of different religions practised in South Africa, such as Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism and a mixed bag of African tribal/traditional religions which incorporate all sorts of pagan practices.

Since the abolition of Apartheid South African culture has had a change of emphasis highlighting the values of democracy, tolerance and understanding. Whilst this process has come a long way there is still much to be done in bringing equality across this amazing country.

The climate is temperate with plentiful sunshine and good annual average rainfall. The warm Mozambique current promotes rich vegetation and high temperatures along the Natal coast. The west coast is drier. Further north is desert. Generally, summer temperatures vary between 21°C and 24°C in January and cooler in winter, averaging 11°C in July.

South Africa is a country that is wide open to the gospel and provides incredible opportunities to graciously and lovingly communicate the good news of Jesus Christ. We will be based in the capital city of Johannesburg which has a population of around 6 million people including the massive Soweto black township. It is a city of contrasts where all the modern conveniences are available to those who can afford them. Then you have the black townships and squatter camps that can exhibit the most incredible depths of poverty.





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