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Changed for the better

By Charissa Mitting

Sitting in his prison cell Teboho Sebotsa knew his life needed to change.

Living in Johannesburg, South Africa, Teboho Sebotsa was no stranger to crime and guns. By the time he had reached his seventeenth birthday he had been shot.

“I had loving parents”, Teboho says. “We attended church every Sunday but I got involved in crime and this got me shot.

“My parents were very disappointed with my behaviour and I made the decision to stop my life of crime.”

Despite his good intentions Teboho could not seem to leave his illegal activities behind him.

In 2004 he was shot again, this time it could have been fatal.

“The bullet was still flying around,” recalls Teboho. “I thought I might die but then it hit my left hand.”

Some time after this Teboho was arrested and began to think about his life.

“Being here in prison opened my mind,” he says. “I realised I had hurt the people I love the most, especially my mother.

“I knew I had to change my life but I didn’t know how. Then I heard someone talking about Jesus Christ and I told myself that I had nothing to lose.”

Teboho listened in amazement as he heard the good news of Jesus Christ and the love God had for him.

“I believed then that Jesus really did love me and I wanted to thank Him for doing so much for me.”

Teboho accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour.

“Jesus changed me a lot,” says Teboho. “He has changed my whole life from my behaviour to the way I relate to people.”

Teboho knows his crimes have been forgiven and that while he might still make mistakes at times God is always good.

“God has been good; He has provided for me and has shown me that He is my provider, my healer and my everything in life.

“I am grateful for the Lord Jesus, for His love surpasses human understanding.”

Challenge Good News Paper - 45, 2009

The Gospel of John (John 15:17-27) >>

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