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Believe it or not
By Creation Ministries International
Passions rage over Giant’s Causeway Centre

causeway stones

Twelve years after the tourist interpretive centre burnt down at Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland, a new state-of-the-art facility opened in July 2012 (see, amid a flurry of controversy.

A few seconds of audio caused uproar because it briefly mentioned that, for creationists, the debate about the age of the earth is still ongoing.

So intense was the outcry from atheists and secularists that the Trust announced a review of the exhibit, even though they had consulted widely in the centre's planning.

Now, a new 20-second segment replaces the original recording, to make it clear that the National Trust endorses only the 'scientific' explanation for Causeway's formation. This is misleading because age is really a matter of history, and evolutionists have a faulty view of the earth's past.

Nevertheless, the audio still says that not everyone agrees, and that some people believe the earth was formed only thousands of years ago.

Such an emotionally-charged outburst against just a few seconds of audio demonstrates that the age of the earth is not a side issue. For many, to question the millions of years brings the Creator God of the Bible too close for comfort.?

Trust amends Causeway centre *'Creationist' exhibit, BBC, 3 October 2012.

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