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By Karl Faase
The Law of diminishing returns

diminishing returns

Have you heard of the law of diminishing returns? This law says that the more we own, the less we are satisfied. It doesn't matter what we acquire, the excitement we get from our latest purchase never lasts. It is irrelevant how good, clever, impressive or expensive our new acquisition is. It is soon yesterday's technology, last year's style or simply not good enough.

The law of diminishing returns says that no matter what we buy, eventually we will crave something new. It seems to be built into our DNA and the economics of our consumer society thrives on it.

This may be good for the economy, but it is bad for us as people. We can spend our lives feeling unsatisfied and in a permanent state of envy.

Jesus promised a needy lady that he could "give her water so that she would never thirst again." He was talking about spiritual not physical thirst. Our desire for the new may just be our need for God and our spiritual thirst driving us to look for satisfaction in the wrong place.

Jesus said He was the water of life – come to Him to be satisfied.

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